Monday, January 31, 2011

Yeah life just got even crazier but so good! Sister Haefele's dad passed away and so President told her that she should go home and she only had three weeks left anyway so it made sense. So now sister Summers and I are in a trio and covering two areas, White River YSA and Brownsburg. So it's been a bit stressful trying to balance the two and drive back and forth and make sure no one falls through the cracks, but the three have us have been getting along really well and I know that is helping us be effective. We have three baptisms coming up and I'm so excited for them. It's been amazing to see the change over these girls the last few weeks. One of them will be getting baptized in D.C. because she is moving there at the end of the month and has a lot of friends already there so she wants to be baptized there. We are teaching her here though and we just love her so much. Another one of the girls is absolutely adorable. We asked her if she would prepare herself to be baptized on feb 19 and she just broke down crying and she knew this is the path that she needs to take. Then we all started crying and it was just a bunch of love in the room:) Her parents came into town the other night and she wanted us to meet them and they are very supportive of her and I know that will help her down this path.

We are covering the Brownsburg area as well and that is more families and they take care of us that's for sure. They told us that their parents or themselves they were taught by sister missionaries and they just are so motivated to be member missionaries. It's been great to get to know them and be inspired by them. We had an interesting lesson last night and he was convinced that the Book of Mormon wasn't true and he got a little intense. It would have been easy to be confrontational but I simply bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and I shared my experience of when I came to know that it was true. We saw the spirit just change his heart in the middle of the lesson and he is willing to read it.

The work is just continually progressing and we are getting busier but we are doing really well and loving it. We are supposed to get some ice storms this week so we might be inside for awhile unfortunately, but who knows. I know that Heavenly Father definitely hears and answers our prayers. I was having a discouraging couple of days, not knowing how we are going to cover two areas, and why I'm here, and just 18 months seems daunting, but the Lord is completely aware and put in places and gave me the best feelings of peace and comfort and I couldn't imagine serving anywhere else. I hope I stay here in the YSA branch for the next transfer, I have gotten so attached to so many.

I'm getting to know more missionaries in my mission and they are just a hoot. I really do look up to them though especially the elders in my district. We had a district meeting on Friday and afterwards they gave the three of us blessings. It was so sweet and they were guided by the spirit.

I love you so much and you are in my prayers. The gospel is amazing and I know the more we live the way the Lord would have us live, we can grow closer to him and find happiness which is what he wants for each of us. I have been so humbled as I have been here, seeing how people really don't know that God loves them, so I"m so grateful for that knowledge and I love my Savior and what he is teaching me.

Sister Erica Lamb

Monday, January 24, 2011


So they announced where they are building the temple today!!!! A girl from the singles branch texted us this morning:) It's going to be in Carmel about 3 miles from the mission home. Groundbreaking will start this Fall and will be done in 2013. We are all so excited!!!! It has been a hectic week, I went on exchanges with some other sisters in Brownsburg because s. summers was at a training. It was so fun and I had such a blast with sister haefley. She is from california and is going to byu hawaii, she leaves in 4 weeks so I'm sad to see her go but we definitely bonded as we tracted for hours in the worst snow storm and no one was answering there doors or being very nice to us but we endured happily. The other morning it was a high of 11 degrees and it was mostly 5 degrees throughout the day. It was ridiculous and they don't plow roads here so our little mazda 3 had a struggle but we were safe.

I love serving with a YSA branch, they treat so great. One of the members took us to Benihanas the other night and then another member took us to texas roadhouse. It was so nice. I am getting to know the members better and it's fun to giggle with the girls about their boy drama. There are a couple of girls preparing to serve missions and we are so excited for them and they have been coming with us to lessons which is great!

We had three new investigators who are incredible. Kristen was a refferal and she used to be catholic but wasn't happy. She met a guy that was a member and she went to church with him in D.C. and wanted to learn more so she is so motivated and will probably be baptized in the next few weeks. Renee came to church yesterday and the members fellowshipped her and so she wants to continue meeting with us and knows that baptism is something that she needs to do to continue to feel the happiness that she has felt as we teach her. Lindsey isn't a YSA but she wanted to meet with sisters so we went over there and she is so sweet and has the cutest kids. We are going to go to the family ward with her on sunday and she wants her family to come too and she is so fun and I just love her.

Oh my goodness it's so cold here and we are freezing in our little apartment but we are making the most of it. We have figured out if we turn on the heat vent in the bathroom, open the oven door and bundle up when we study, it is bearable. The work has been picking up and the members are helping so much. I'm exhausted but loving the work and the people that I get to meet. I have been so humbled and thankful to have grown up and raised in the family that I have. My eyes have been opened to a whole other world here.

Sister Summers and I are doing awesome and she has been such a blast to be with. I am praying that we get to stay together for this next transfer. Thank you so much for sending me a camera. I'm so bummed because of my memory card has some great pictures from the MTC but luckily my district took pics too. Say hello to everyone for me and send them my love!!!!

Sister Erica Lamb

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hey Everyone!!!!
Well I'm finally here in Indianapolis and Sister Lisa Summers is my companion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so excited at transfer meeting so she has been a great trainer and we are having tons of working hard for sure. Our area is in Indianapolis and we are over a YSA branch so it's been fun to be able to relate to them. We are living with Sister Leonard who is about 70+ and we live in a town called Speedway, it's about 5 minutes away from Indianapolis Speedway so that's pretty cool. The first two nights all of us newbies stayed at the mission home in Carmel which is absolutely beautiful town, I think it was built in a forest and the homes are just dreamy and the mission home is gorgeous. President and Sister Collins were hilarious when we all met them at the airport, she just started jumping up and down ad taking tons of pictures! They are seriously the sweetest people and I love them to pieces. I have a great interview with President Collins and he is so kind and very in tun with the Spirit.

Sister Summers and I have had some great experiences and hopefully we be having a few baptisms coming up. We met with an adorable girl, Renee, yesterday and I extended the baptismal commitment to her. I couldn't believe I did it, but the spirit was so strong and I just pray that she will continue to know that the things we have taught her are true and that she will come to the singles ward on sunday. We had a really funny experience yesterday, we were invited by Sister Mary Chandler who isn't a member of but loves feeding the missionaries. I have no idea what I ate but it was interesting. I think she just grabbed a bunch of ingredients, set the oven to 350 and called it good. We went and helped a sweet old lady clean her whole house yesterday and I have never seen zebra striped wallpaper used so much!

The work is starting to pick back up here, it's hard working with the singles because they are everywhere all the time, but they are all back from Christmas break so hopefully we will be able to make more contacts. I can't believe I'm on a mission and getting right to work. Sister Summers has been amazing and we are working so well together. We just giggle at night and it's oh so much fun. I'm learning a lot and I love being busy. I can't believe I've been out over a month.

I'm going on exchanges with some of other sisters tomorrow and I'm excited. There are only 14 of us sisters so we all went to lunch after transfer meeting and they are such a blast, so it will be fun to be in a new area for a couple of days and get to know the sisters. I hope all is well at home and everyone is safe and happy. You are in my prayers continually throughout the day! I love being a missionary and the daughter of God that he needs me to be. This gospel is truly change people's hearts and it's amazing to see.

Sister Summers and I are off to do some grocery shopping and go to the Indiana State Museum today, we might go to the children's museum too, which is the largest children's museum:)
Sister Erica Lamb

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I can't believe it's my last p-day and I leave on Tuesday :) The prov temple opened up so we get to go do a session there later today so I'm glad we have that opportunity. I was at dinner last night and I saw the Finckley's and they got here on Monday and leave tomorrow. They came over and chit chatted for a bit so that was way fun. Life has been wonderful, a bit stressful, but I'm getting excited to get to Indiana. Sister Little and I had a really amazing experience in the TRC on tuesday. We taught an adorable lady and she was so fun to get to know and she was receptive to what we had to say! We committed her to come to church and if she was real investigator, we think she would have really kept her commitment. As soon as we walked into the room where she was at we both just felt an immediate love towards her! It was a great feeling :)

I feel like I'm getting ready to go all over again because I have to pack up everything again and all that good stuff so I'm probably going to start packing on Saturday so I can see if I'm over the weight limit or not... A lot friends that I have made left early this week and it's been hard to say goodbye but we are so excited to share stories when we all come home! Elder Robertson, who is a blast to be around, he was supposed leave Monday for Alaska but he slept in and missed his flight so he can't get out till Saturday:( I felt so bad! I hope that doesn't happen to Sister Little and I seeing as how we have to be at the travel office at 4 am!!!!

We have been learning so much, my brain is turning to mush but I have gained a lot of knowledge of where I want to be when I come home. We get to teach each other in our district this week, but not as investigators but just for what they need, and I'm way excited! Sister and I fast ed on Sunday to help us know what to teach the elders we are assigned to.

We had a Tuesday night devotional and a member of the 70 came and spoke with his wife. He is from Scotland and she is from Surry, England. They were the greatest! All my fun Samoan elders left this week so no more learning Samoan but hopefully by the time they get back I will have learned the phrases they gave to me! I have seem so many people I know, Zach Stanford, Marie Miles, Brianne Cameron, Joseph Wheeler... Anyway not much is happening just busy, busy, busy, but wonderful:) Tell everyone hello and send my love!!!!!

Sister Erica Lamb