Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey there!!!!!

Oh me oh my I have had it with all this rain I tell you! The weather is supposed to clear up by Thursday hopefully, but oh it's tough to try and find people on campus that's for sure. We had a lovely tornado again luckily we got in right when the torando sirens went off. Sister Leonard came downstairs and we had a slumber party with her, oh I just love her. Everyone was safe though, nothing to crazy. We got a call from our zone leaders the next morning and they were making sure everyone was safe:)

Chris Yim received the priesthood yesterday and got to pass the sacrament!!!! I was a proud mama:) We got to watch the Joseph Smith movie with him the other night to help him continue to understand and gain a testimony of Joseph Smith. Sister Summers and I felt like temple square sisters introducing the movie and everything...we giggled. For FHE with the branch we watched the Testaments and oh that movie just makes me so happy and I love reading the Book of Mormon and visualizing what it was like back in the day:) There are some really funny parts in that movie that I guess only Sister Summers and I found funny, the rest of the branch just laughed at us, but I mean we are VERY limited out in the mission so we take what we can get with movies:)))

We have had some amazing lessons that have just been over flowing with the Spirit. We went to visit Lindsey Brown who is going through a very hard time in her life and is a single mother and it seems like everything that could go wrong is going wrong. We began teaching her when I first here and then it broke my heart to tell her goodbye but I was so excited to see her when I got transferred back. We had a couple lessons with her and she just wasn't herself and it was so sad. We have been working the elders in Beechgrove and they came with us to our last lesson and she had that light again in her eyes. The elders gave her a blessing and it was amazing. Elder Enslow explained blessings so beautifully and said that they don't make all of our trials disappear but give us the strength to keep going. He also told her that the warm happy feeling she felt when he was giving her the blessing was Heavenly Fathers way of showing her how much he loved her. I know that helped her so much and she will be able to be receptive to the gospel even more now.

We are meeting with Hillary a lot more now and she is loving the YSA branch!!! We had an incredible lesson with her and a member of the YSA branch came with us and shared an amazing testimony. There were so many moments in the lesson as we were reading from the scriptures that the spirit was guiding as to what she needs and how we can help her understand. She has so many righteous desires and she is definitely on the right path!

Easter was wonderful yesterday!!! Our dinner appt. fell through so we went to our apt and had our own Easter dinner, we were quite proud of ourselves. We wanted to do breakfast foods, even though we didn't quite have all that we needed we improvised:) We had french toast, eggs, chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie, and we didn't have any bacon so we had chicken nuggets:)

A member of the branch is taking us to the childrens musuem today!!!!! They have a new exhibit that is movie costumes and it's supposed to be pretty cool so we are excited to do that! This branch is amazing and we are having a special sunday in may where everyone will invite a friend and we are going to focus the lessons on the lessons we teach. I know it's going to be a great day! We had to move it up a week because we had originally planned on May 29 but that is race weekend for the Indy 500 and it's pure madness around here. I live about 1 mile away from the speedway and so I will probably have to leave a couple hours early for church:) I guess people will sell parking spots on their lawns for outrageous amounts of money. So that will be an interesting weekend for sure!

Life is good and Sister Summers and I are just making each day count because I know I will never get another opportunity like this ever again!!!!!!

Love you all
Sister Lamb

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello my lovely family:)))

It's been another exciting week here in INDY! We have been doing a lot of tracting especially on campus and on the canal walk that goes through the city. The weather has been wonderful here and so lots of people are out and about so we are able to contact a lot of people.

Renee was baptized on Saturday and it was wonderful. She had tons of support from family and friends. Her brother flew in from India with his wife and so it was so special for him to be able to baptize her. I know her parents were touched and I hope that they can see the influence of the gospel with their children and take that step too. Sister Summers and I did a musical number at the baptism, she sang and I played the piano, "Come Unto Jesus." A lady came up to me afterwards and told me that I must have had an amazing piano teacher and she was shocked when I told her that I taught myself:) It was quite the compliment. It was such a good day and the YSA branch were very supportive too and I know that she is going to do great things! She was confirmed yesterday in church and her blessing was awesome. Also in church yesterday, Chris Yim, who was baptized last friday, he received a calling and is going to receive the priesthood next week!!! Oh I just love them so very much:) We are going to keep helping them progress and endure.

At institute the other night, Kristy, a girl from the branch, brought a friend from school, Terance, and we were talking with him afterwards and he wants to meet with us. We have a lesson with him on Thursday and he came to church on Sunday! We also have a wonderful girl that we are going to start teaching, Hillary, and she is so cool! She loves church and is hopefully going to come to the activities this week. Sister Summers and I taught the lesson last sunday in gospel prinicples and she was particiapting the whole time and really loved learning about eternal families. She is going to be baptized on May 7. We have been meeting with a student that goes to IUPUI, and at our last lesson we taught him the plan of salvation and afterwards, we were walking back to the church and we just were so happy because we both just looked at each other and we both had felt the spirit so strongly testifying to us during that lesson of the plan of salvation and the happiness that it brings.

We had an amazing district meeting on Friday, Elder Eames is the best district leader. Oh he is so awesome!!!!! We learned a lot about teaching people, not lessons and we role played and the spirit was there and I learned some things that I think can really help some of our recent converts. We have a few recent converts that we are so worried about and we are continuing to try to contact them because they are in various stages of less activity and we want to help but it's been a struggle.

I have never seen a spring like this before!!!! Sister Summers and I took tons of pictures of all the beautiful flowers and all the trees that have huge blossoms on them. There is one type of tree that is our favorite, it's called a red bud and it's just full of purple blossoms!

Sister Summers and I are just making everyday count and trying to work hard. We have had some hillarious moments that's for sure. Last sunday we were driving to church and all the sudden our car started making this horrible squeaking noise and it wouldn't stop unless we hit the brakes. Some of the branch members thought it might be the belt or something, but we took it in on Monday and apparently a rock got stuck and some part of the car was rubbing against the rock. Luckily the place where we took it, they were very nice and didn't charge us. It's been great to be back here. I am living in the same place I was when I was here before. Oh how I missed Sister Leonard, she is the member we live with. I was so excited to see the pictures of the Brigham City temple. I think they are going to break ground this fall for the temple here! BAAAAAA I'm so excited for it to be here, it's in such a beautiful area, Carmel.

I love you all so very much!!!!! Thanks for all your support and your love:)

sister lamb

Monday, April 11, 2011

SO GUESS WHAT????????????????????? I'm with Sister Summers again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it when President announced it at transfers. We couldn't stop hugging and laughing. It was a great transfer meeting and a bunch of us went to lunch afterwards, oh I love all the elders and sisters in this mission, they are just top notch. So I'm back in my first area, Indianapolis Young Single Adults. Oh I'm so happy to be back, I missed everyone so much. A guy that I taught when I was first here, he got baptized on Friday and it was wonderful and then another girl that I taught here as well is getting baptized this Saturday. It's been such a blessing to be a part of their lives and see the amazing progression they have made. Chris was baptized on Friday and we got to meet his family, they are from Hawaii and his step mom wants me to come and stay with them when I get home:) Oh his family is amazing and they took S. Summers and I out to Olive Garden before the baptism and they gave us lei's to wear, oh they were real and beautiful purple flowers. It was such an amazing experience to be there and see how happy Chris is. The next day his brother and sister got baptized in Boston and so they flew there and then flew back to see Chris get confirmed. Of course it didn't go smoothly, their flight got cancelled and so they didn't make it to Sacrament Meeting but they were able to finally find a flight to Cinncinatti, Ohio and then they just drove to Indianapolis. They made here about 6:30 last night and we were able to get him confirmed and then he spoke at our mission's fireside, "Why I Believe" and gave a beautiful testimony!!! He is such an amazing kid that is going to go far in this life. His dad is catholic and Chris said that one day soon he will be able to baptize his dad. I totally want to be there!!! Renee's baptism is this coming saturday and Sis. Summers and I are going to be doing a musical number and so we are so excited for that. It's been amazing to be back here and see the change that so many have made and also help those that have been continuing to struggle. The Lord definitely knows what he is doing:)

The weather is getting absolutely beautiful here and it was 80 degrees yesterday!!! I can't believe how gorgeous the trees are, there are these magnolia trees everywhere and everything is just getting to be breathtaking. Sis. Summers and I have been fasting to find new investigators, and I know if we are obedient and keep putting in our best each day that we will find those that are ready to hear our message. An elder told us that our mission is going to be even harder because of the temple coming and so we are just praying to help those be ready.

We had an amazing testimony meeting in church yesterday, and this branch is just ready to do their missionary work! All the testimonies were focused on missionary work and they are going to help us so much, I just know it. We are also planning an 'Invite a Friend to Church' day where we will teach the basics of our beliefs and we are all so pumped to start inviting all those that we come in contact with.
I just love you all bunches!

Sister Erica Lamb

Monday, April 4, 2011

Well I got the call this morning that I'm getting transferred:(((( I can't believe how fast this transfer went! I'm going to miss Sister V. so much and the crazy awesome people here in Anderson, so it's going to be an adventure! We have transfer meeting on Wednesday so I'm excited to meet my new companion and where I will be. We are getting three new sisters so Wednesday will be a big day. This morning I was reading in 1 Nephi 3 when Nephi and his brothers are commanded to get the plates from Laban and I felt a little like Laman and Lemuel murmuring because I don't want to leave, but I know that the Lord will prepare a way and He is my companion that will never change. Elder Bronk, one of the assistants to the president, when he called this morning he told me that I'm going to love my new companion and my area, so I'm holding him to that promise:)

Conference was amazing and it made me and Sister V. homesick. I just loved every minute of it though and it was fun watching it at the church. I was so amazed at how so many questions that I have pondered over this past week were answered during conference. My testimony of my Savior and for President Monson have increased so much! We didn't have any investigators come unfortunately but we had some less actives watch it and I was so glad they came. We have been working with this guy Mike, who is a less active, and he just lost his job and is struggling right now, but he went to the Priesthood session and loved it. I think that will help him have the desire again to come to church.

We were working with these two amazing sisters and had some very spiritual lessons with them, but then it got more and more difficult to contact them. I loved them so much and they were just breaking my heart. We finally found Alice at home and she told us that she doesn't want to learn anymore and it's just too hard. Oh that just knocked the wind out of me, it was so sudden. I know she will have another opportunity to remember the things that we taught her, but man oh man that was hard to hear. Of course the Lord is completely aware of us and continues to show us miracles. We received a refferal and we were finally able to meet with her. Her name is Sherrie, and she found out about our faith because she loves food storage and everytime she would look up information, it would always bring her to our faith. So she felt that she needed to learn more about our values and standards. We invited a couple from our ward, the Barrs, and they are amazing. They remind me so much of you mom and dad, just their humor and the way they dress, and oh I just love it. They brought so much to the lesson and we really able to connect with her. Her family has no idea she is investigating the church and so I'm hoping she can stay strong through opposition.

We are continuing to work with Tina, and hoping that she will really start to progress. She wants to come to church but it's hard because she has 7 children and no car. Luckily she has been able to meet our ward mission leader and his wife and a couple of members of our ward, so they are so willing to help out.

The weather is absolutely nuts here, I have never heard or seen thunder and lightning storms like I have here. This morning while we were getting ready, it started thundering and we started seeing all this flashing and the house shook for a good minute. Oh my we were a bit nervous! No tornado sirens though:) Loooovvvvveeeee you all:))))))))))))))

Sister Erica Lamb