Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Family,
Oh my goodness, Sister Berrett and I are having a blast! She is good little missionary and we are both incredibly happy.  We have the giggles everyday to the point where I start crying, it's so awesome!  We were talking about that last night and she told me that she know this is where she is supposed to be. I know she is and it's going to be a great transfer. We have been able to see the miracles continue here in Highland. Heather is doing great and their family is so happy. We were there on Saturday and Uriah, her husband, was glowing and I know they are both working to stop smoking. They came to church yesterday and we are hoping they will stay for the second hour next week. They said they are working up to it, I hope we can help to do so. The ward has been incredible in making sure they are going up to them after sacrament. I have seen the spirit leading this family, all the people that I have taught, the spirit is guiding them to make right choices. I have been merely an instrument in the Lord's hands. Jay Anderson is doing well and is feeling more comfortable at church. We are hoping he can get a few solid fellowshippers besides his family. The ward is doing great with him as well. This ward means a lot to me and I have seen it change. I love being a missionary.   There is a lady in our ward that takes care of her great grandson and he is 3 years old and he is absolutely adorable and loves when we come over for dinner.  Apparently he was talking to someone asking if they knew me, and he told them that I was his girlfriend and that I was the best.  My heart melted when she told me that in relief society. 
Sister Berrett and I had a few lovely experiences in some lessons this week. We came home and there was a guy sitting on the stairs in our apartment building and we offered him some water and talked to him for a bit. He was such a sweet man and we started talking about the plan of salvation and the hope that comes from knowing he is a child of God. We sang 'I am a child of God' to him and it was special to look at him directly in the eyes as we testified through song. At a lesson yesterday, it started out pretty hectic and lots of distractions and then halfway through it became calm and he told us he knew what we were saying was sincere. Sister Berrett and I bore testimony of the Book of Mormon the entire time and he felt the sincerity.   Heather and Uriah have two little boys and Aiden, turned one this weekend so we stopped by to celebrate for a little bit with them and he is just a ball of joy.  He really got into the cake after a bit and it was funny.  Tate thought it was his birthday, he is 5, and wanted to open up all aiden's presents, so we had to calm him down:) 
Sister Berrett has a powerful testimony and I love our companion studies and I have so much to learn from her. She has incredible knowledge and insight of the scriptures and I love listening to her. She is amazing. The Lord needs us here in Highland.
It's a bit chilly here, but the sunshine is wonderful.  It was pretty funny at district meeting this past week, because our district that we had at the beginning of last transfer is the exact same.  Sister Bankhead went to Martinsville and Sister Berrett came here.  We have been having way too much fun:) 
Sister Lamb 
P.S. Mom you would be so proud of me, I hemmed an elder's pants....and it turned out great:)))))

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