Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear Family, 
It has been incredible to see the miracles that are happening especially with Jay and Heather. Jay is feeling the spirit as he comes to church, but we are having a hard time getting him to stay for all of church. We brought it up in ward coucil and they gave great suggestions and we are going to have come for a church tour and hopefully that will help. He told us at our lesson this past week that he has been to a lot of churches before but has never had the feelings he's been experiencing. Heather is pregnant and so that has been a tender mercy because she will stop smoking and is more determined to quit. Their family is happy, because of the spirit has been influencing them. The Lord has always been with them but now they are noticing it and experiencing it.
This week I'm hoping we can do some more finding and continue to use the spirit to help us. It's been kind of an overwhelming thought but it is easier to seek that revelation for others and what the Lord needs me to do for them, but when it comes to receiving revelation for myself, that hasn't been as easy. I have been keeping a revelation journal and I need to trust that all the thoughts that I have written down througout the day and after my prayers are of the Lord. It's just scary to follow some of the promptings for myself. Things are changing and I know I have changed, I just pray that I can still be this person that I have become. I feel very respected and loved here and I hope I can continue with the relationships that I have made here.
Sister Berrett and I are just loving life and continuing to get the giggles until we can't breath, it's pretty awesome.  She has been such a strength to me.  We are way excited because today we are going to a little town called Nashville and spend the day there.  We are going with the Martinsville sisters, who we spend any chance we can together.  The four of us are definitely in each others lives for a reason.  It has been a great sisterhood that we each cherish. 
We went and did a lot of service on Saturday and spent some time gardening in the rain, luckily we had some snazzy rain boots:)  We helped a member in her garden and it was a blast.  She took us to lunch and she is so sweet and she ordered some more food for a homeless man that she saw along the way.  It was good to be with her in that moment.  We also went to help an older couple, Bill and Aggie, clean out their freezers in their garage.  We taught them a lesson afterwards about service and Aggie said that she started feeling warm fuzzies.  We were so happy because Aggie was recognizing the spirit and that what we are teaching her is true.  Sweet sweet couple.  I don't know if they will accept the gospel in this life but they will eventually. 

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