Monday, May 7, 2012

Dearest Family,
Oh my goodness what a week. The Lord is taking of care of us, I do know that. He is giving me strength and has never left my side, the work is going strong and I know Sister Berrett and I are doing our best together. That is what the Lord has asked of us. We didn't have any one come to church yesterday, and that was so hard. We were trained on it in district meeting, we applied those things all week and worked so hard and no one came. We went to see Heather and her family,  I guess it has been a really hard week for her and she was so sad yesterday, it just broke my little heart. We went over D&C 20:37 with her and  she does have a desire to be baptized and has been talking to her sister-in-law who recently got baptized and it is giving her reassurance as well. I am praying for her ferverently that she will continue to progress and stop smoking for good. I want her to stay strong in the gospel and not be a checklist convert. She will be okay, the Lord will take care of her. Jay and Kristie are incredible and my heart swelled when Jay told us that he knew this was all true.  It was a powerful lesson and we set a date with him for June 16.  We had been walking all around Spencer, and so we were walking down their driveway and we were so excited so we found a tall bush and jumped and screamed and then continued walking.  The next day in my personal study I was studying conversion and as I was reading it, I knew Jay has been converted. He wants his extended family to come to church and at least take a chance. We had a great lesson with a few other investigators as we taught them the importance of coming to church. There is a man named Don, whom I have a lot of faith in and he wants these things so much but we just need to help him act. When he taught him about the Sabbath and the sacrament he wanted it and we expected him to come yesterday, he didn't.
We went to see a few recent converts and the Lord was with us as we helped them realize the blessings that will help them continue to get through their trials. Michaela is an absolute gem and I feel like the ward has forgotten about her. She needs to be embraced. We had dinner with an adorable family yesterday, and the husband was just reassigned as her home teacher and he was showing such great concern for her and what he could do to help her feel comfortable. I know we just need to keep leading her. She is 17 and is lost especially with her family situation. That is one thing that I have learned on my mission and how much I wasn't really aware of how bad things can get at home. She has a mom who has boyfriends in and out of the house and her mom isn't very stable and it's taking a toll on her. Keep her in your prayers please. I love her so much. And sweet sweet Donna, who's health is not well. Her eyesight is failing fast, and she cried and cried when she told us she couldn't read the Book of Mormon. The Lord blessed her to see the wonderful things of the gospel, but I know she has been able to see much more than just physical things, she has seen her family start to come into the gospel, she has eternal perspective, she is going to see her granddaughter who passed away. This work is much more than a baptism on a Saturday, I will be with these people for eternity and now they know that.
Sister Berrett and I are just doing swell and having a lot of fun.  I swear we walked 50000 miles this week, but we had lovely adventures along the way.  She is a hoot!!!!!!! 
gospel's true and the book is blue!!
Sister Lamb

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